planned lighting maintenance

The long-term effectiveness of any lighting system depends on how well it is maintained. Unless the fixtures are kept clean and depreciated lamps changed, a significant portion of your investment in a lighting system is lost.
A well planned, continuous program of lighting maintenance is essential to obtain maximum value from your system. The benefits from such a program have already been indicated.
Lighting systems require a 'tune-up' because, as lamps age, they produce less light for the same amount of electrical energy consumed. The greatest light depreciation and the start of very frequent lamp burnouts usually occurs at about 70-75% of the lamp's rated life.
The lighting fixture also requires a 'tune-up'. Regardless of how well your premises are maintained, some dirt accumulates on the fixture and its components. In severe cases, it can reduce light output by up to 50%.
Group relamping replaces all your lamps at the most economical interval prior to the start of significant problems and dirt build-up. A fixture cleaning is usually performed at the same time and may be scheduled again between relamps.
Group relamping results in lower labour costs for the lighting system. It allows you to convert to energy saving products at one time. Higher light levels and much fewer complaints will result.
Group relamping can be performed at times suitable to you. There is no need to store lamps and other lighting components. Other system components, primarily the ballast, perform better when lamps are in good shape, resulting in better system performance and lowered costs.
Planned lighting programs are practiced by today's innovative companies, in the commercial, retail, financial and government sectors.
Of course, you can also upgrade your old lighting sytem to new T8 or T5 technology using the same practices as above. You will save up to 50% of lighting energy costs and often qualify for BC Hydro Incentives. Retrofits would involve a re-ballast and relamp of the fixtures and/or the installation of new fixtures depending on design specifications.